/mɔːɪn/, colloquial for "Hi" (Northern Germany, it's how my granny says hello!) 

Hi, I'm Lutz, a passionate sailor and political scientist from Germany. 

Home at sea, I have been working in the offshore sailing industry as Skipper and Race Director since 2019. I am currently preparing my biggest adventure yet, the Golden Globe Race 2026.

GGR 2026 

The original. An eight-month, solo, nonstop sailboat race around the world with sextant and chronometer.

Join the journey! Become a sponsor and set sail on an adventure of a lifetime.

Professional Services

Delivery Skipper & Yacht Service

Charter, delivery and maintenance service of mono- and multihull yachts.
(RYA Yachtmaster Ocean (commercially endorsed), EU Passport, B1/B2 Visa)

Offshore Race Management

Technical and administrative management of solo and fully crewed offshore yacht races up to World Sailing Cat. 0.

NGO Management & Political Science

Executive management of NGOs with work experiences in Europe, Southeast Asia and North America. (B.A. Political Science & Human Geography)

Your turn!

Enough about me - Now I want to hear from you! 

Tell me about your projects, about your passion or simply reach out, 
if you would like to chat about boats, sailing, nature, sauna, politics.. you name it! 

Don't be a stranger and leave a note. Talk soon!

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I am very grateful for all my friends and partnering companies that are supporting my adventures financially, technically and mentally. We all share a big passion for nature.